True Intimacy

If what we seek in life is happiness… then it clearly makes sense to conduct our liveson a model of intimacy that includes as many forms of connection with others as possible”

While starting the second part of The Art of Happiness the book discuses the true meaning of intimacy, and the misconception that it only occurs in correlation with romantic relationships. Which is actually a very westernized, and limiting outlook on the feeling.

When you google the definition, the first one that comes up is, “a close familiarity or friendship”. However when most people think of intimacy they think of a close sexual relation with their partner, not a close friendship or closeness to a family member. I think this is something super important, and I din’t realize that this could be a way of looking at it. As what the Dhali Lama states is that through other people is where we draw out strengths, and the more intimate your relationships with people are the more strength you will attain. So, if you have a best friend (or a few!), that you feel comfortable enough to share everything with then that is an intimate relationship, and it is one we should embrace!

If I think about when I am my happiest, It is when I am around my most intimate friends and family, they bring out the best in me and are when I feel the most whole. SO, if you can change your mindset from soul searching for ‘the one’ so that you can have a “true intimate” relationship. and remind yourself that you are surrounded by intimate relationships that you will have a much more positive and ultimately happier outlook on your life. Luckily, I have always had that outlook, and I have never been one constantly on the lookout for ‘the one’ and I am very happy that I have never felt that burden, but hopefully for people that believe that, this new outlook will help them change.


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