I know not everyone is a strong believer in spirituality, the afterlife and a force much bigger than ourselves at play – but I am not ashamed to say that I do. I don’t know what is out there, and I don’t have set religion, or set of believes but I believe in something. By believing in that, it has opened my eyes and made me feel like so much more whole. Obviously from the previous post and my exploration of the ways of the Dhali Lama some sort of spiritual believes within me where at play to make me choose to read that book. So to get to the point, I have a lovely little story, which to me is a sign of spirituality – and a sign that I am on the right path.

Something which has always been a passion of mine (but one that I have only just started to take on, is the art of wildlife photography. I have started of small, as you have to start somewhere. So I’ve started on my little old Samsung (which has surprisingly good quality), and take pictures of all the nature, wildlife and floral delights that surround me. I am trying to put across the message of finding beauty in everything, and that you do not have to travel to appreciate the beauty of the world – it literally surrounds you.

So, the other day when on a walk around my village to take some lovely little pictures, we walked up and through the church yard. All the wildlife that surrounded me was so tame and accepting of me, there was little ladybirds crawling on me. But one thing that really moved me was when we was watching a group of gorgeous butterflies and one decided to land on my shoulder. All of a sudden I felt so overwhelmed with emotion, like it was a sign that this is the path I should be going down, that the world is accepting my choice and that I am on the right path.

I messaged my best friend about it that night (that lives way too many miles away), and while she was on a walk one landed on her shoulder too. We are both very spiritual people and we felt so fulfilled and like the world is keeping us connected even though we are miles apart. So, I suppose never feel ashamed for believing in something, just do not force your opinions on someone else.


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