So recently, every time I have found the time to sit down to write a blog post I haven’t wanted to, simply because of issues with my content. You see most of my content revolves around my constant battle with depression and I feel like people like to hear about my no bullshit approach to my life with depression.

But you see lately I have been so happy,  driven, motivated, and obviously depression has been the last thing on my mind. But everytime I come to write a blog post I feel the need to have to connect it somehow to mental illness and depression, but when in reality all I want to talk about is my day to day life, what funky tunes I have been listening too, and my fashion statements of the week. It is stupid that I have got to the point where I feel like I constantly have to mention mental illness, when i don’t. If you follow my blog then you know my battles, I don’t have to keep mentioning them, I should just move on and past them. It is so stupid when you think about it, i should just post what I feel happiest posting, as that is what is going to make the best content.

So, I need some time to really think about the consistent content that I want to,and will enjoying putting out into the world. So hopefully you can bare with me, because I would rather be fully happy with my content rather than just writing for the sake of it (as that is not what blogging is about).



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  1. DGGYST says:

    Well babes, depression and blogging go together like coffee and…prozac lol. We understand!

  2. emmacarline says:

    Thanks hun, good to know that you understand! The mix isn’t always the most easiest one!

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