Hey, I’m Emma.

Major Film and T.V. fanatic, and I love to share what I love about them with whoever is listening, and I love to share opinions and have debates about how we all see and interpret things differently. Studying the process of how a film or show is made, and what is done to make you feel a certain way is something I am very passionate about, as the process is just as interesting too me as the outcome. So hopefully if you share a similar passion to me and what to hear my opinion, stick around and see how you like it!

I am just about to enter my final year of University in September, and when I leave University I would love to go into the world of writing, surrounding film. Be it blog / casual work or more academic research type essays, that is really what interests me. I like to find out as much as there is about a film or subject area I enjoy, I want to know how they got  to where they are today and how certain things have structured them.

20 Years of age, no longer a teenager which really pains me. I have a lot of other interests, biggest one including tattoo’s and fashion. I don’t really post about those things, but I do post / tweet about them on my social media. Twitter is the same as my blog, and my instagram is @emmacarline. Follow me if you want to know me more personally.

That’s it for now, hope too hear from / see more of you soon!


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