Hey, I’m Emma.

I am a recent Graduate who has been through the wars to where I am. My goal is to share an unfiltered view of my life, the bad the good and ugly. I hope that it will help to remove the stigma surrounding mental health and abuse, and help people feel more comfortable talking about it. Hopefully, the more people that read my blog will hopefully help to understand that it is okay to not be okay.

The main focus on my content is personal opinions on day to day life, and things that I think need to change. I am on the road to achieving complete happiness in my life, and want to share my journey. I think the fact that I do not hold back on sharing things that some would consider ‘taboo’ will hopefully help to remove that label, and ultimately lead to the world being a much happier place. I believe if we all feel comfortable and happy enough to share and confide in each other our problems and worries, the world will be a better place.

Alongside my opinions, I am also posting my own images that I took myself of all the nature in my garden and surrounding areas, which can all be found on my instagram account @emmasnaturediary



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